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Delusion of Mind

Strength Through Spirit

"Honestly told and instantly recognizable on many levels. Bobby has recovered from a condition he once thought was a hopeless state of mental obsession and physical brokenness. He sets a living paradigm for anyone who has been through what he has and wants to survive, as he has. Turns out to be not so hopeless after all. Thanks for letting us into your world Mr. Bach." - Danny J. Schwarzhoff

An excerpt from "Delusion of Mind Strength Through Spirit"

It was the 1980's and Ronald Reagan was in office. His wife Nancy took on that whole "war on drugs" and she was pretty vocal about it. We had commercials on television telling us our brains on drugs could be compared to an egg in a frying pan. Parents and teachers and counselors used words like "tough love."
I would lounge around, all blown out, and watch MTV, when they played music videos, and Nancy Reagan would appear on the screen telling us not to do drugs. In my mind I would battle with this little spitfire. Eventually I would curse her and rest on the word "Bitch" to describe her.
"Just say no." she would say, trying to convince everyone.
"Yeah right!" that's what's holding me together lady.
"Just say no."
"I can't stop Nancy!" and I couldn't stop.
"Just say no." 
"Just say no." hitting me at a deeper and deeper level, the commercial now long gone from sight.
"You don't understand." as I started to understand that I was without the power to stop.
"Just say no."
"You don't fucking get it you little fuck, I can't fucking stop." as I came to understand a part of my problem.

"Just say no." the relentless thought, seed, planted in my mind.
"I can't stop this madness, I'm fucked." with resignation to the beginning of an understanding that would now have no choice but to grow from that seed to a seedling to a bud to a bloom that would be part of that crack in my mask and open wider the fissure that was now growing that would lead me to finally reach out for help.

Cover - Delusion of Mind Strength through Spirit

"The manuscript DID move me! It moved me because the beginning of the book had so much experience in it that I identified with. There were feelings, thoughts and memories resurfacing I had not thought of in years. In certain ways, our stories were very similar. I learned about "guiding forces" on a deeper level.

The timeline of the story of your life experience was all over the place. Definitely not in chronological order and this I thoroughly enjoyed. I liked going back to different times in your life, then coming back to the present. It kept me engaged and interested. The style of your writing and how you described each situation, and its surroundings, brought me right there.

This book moved me many times. I shed a lot of tears reading it. I was writing things directly on the manuscript as I read in the beginning but then stopped because I didn't want to stop reading to write.

There were times when the manuscript upset me, brought me joy, and I had difficulty putting it down. I found through my busy days I would be thinking about when I would get time later on to pick it up to read again.

Thank you for asking me to read this first draft. It was a wonderful experience that happened at the perfect time!

God bless you!"

-Seana S.

As someone who suffers the condition of spiritual illness, I was drawn into the story from the first few pages. This is a thoroughly enjoyable read. A woeful tale of tragedy, redemption and spectacular rebirth. Great job!" -Amazon Customer

An honest, inspiring, hopeful and eye opening look into substance abuse. The author moved me to laugh, cry and think mindfully about his many experiences and choices throughout his journey. A wonderful book. -Sheena L. Nelson

Amongst the greatest books I have ever opened. The unmatched sincerity is truly awe inspiring. Thank you, Bobby. Thank you for writing this. - Joseph Ball

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